Universal White Balance Handheld Disc


Product Highlights

  • Quick and Accurate Custom White Balance
  • Portable with Easy-to-Use Handle
  • For Digital Photo and Video Cameras
  • For In-camera and Post-production Use
  • Works with Lenses of Up to 95mm Diameter


  • The Universal White Balance Handheld Disc from Vello provides a quick and easy way to set precise custom white balance on your digital camera or video recorder. Accurate white balance settings will result in consistently faithful colors in your images. 

    Able to work with any digital camera that has custom white balance settings, the white balance disc is portable, easy to hold and works with any lens diameter up to 95mm. With your camera on manual focus mode and the desired aperture set, simply hold the Universal White Balance Handheld Disc in front of your lens, point the camera toward the same light illuminating your subject, and shoot. Use this image as the reference when setting white balance on the custom white balance function in your camera's menu.

    This disc can be used to set white balance in-camera or when you are adjusting color in post-production. With a large handle, strap hole, and wide diameter, the Universal White Balance Handheld Disc is easy to use, and being lightweight, flat and sturdy, it stores and transports easily.

  • Allows for quick and accurate setting of custom white balance.
  • Helps eliminate undesirable color casts from images
  • Works with any digital camera or video recorder able to set custom white balance
  • Compatible with lenses up to 95mm in diameter
  • Large handle with strap hole and wide diameter provide easy usage
  • Works for in-camera or post-production white balance setting

Universal White Balance Handheld Disc

  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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