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It’s all about the rush of the moment. Whether it’s an A-list celebrity stepping out onto the red carpet, an elated groom smashing a glass under his heel under a chuppah, or a gaggle of suburban third graders screaming happy birthday, the Chaos Specialist is the one who’s there to get that perfect freeze frame. It’s not easy. These priceless moments come with little warning and are gone forever. Under high pressure not to miss the shot, you’re checking white balance, jostling for elbow room, and bouncing your flash while trying to be in two places at once. But this is what the Chaos Specialist lives for—the adrenaline, the celebration, and the split-second decision to capture the instant that defines the event for a lifetime. So what’s in the Chaos Specialist’s bag?

Flattering your subject

In a chaotic environment, it can be tricky to make your subjects look their best. Because you have to stay mobile and don’t often have a free hand or assistant to hold your flash, the best thing you can do is to at least move your flash off the camera. The Vello Speedy Camera Rotating Flash Bracket with TTL Off-Camera Flash Cord does just that, moving your strobe off axis to drop your shadows and improve depth. Your clients will thank you: no more of that mugshot look! The addition of a full-featured flash like the Bolt VB-22 Bare-Bulb Flash Kit with its built-in reflector and diffuser will temper the harshness of your strobe while also giving you the power to shoot large groups and illuminate your subject from a distance.

Working with the light you can’t control

Since you usually can’t predict or control the ambient light at an event, you have to adapt to make it work for you. With the Grid and Filter Kit from Bolt or other brands, you can adjust the breadth and temperature of your flash to make it usable in every situation. And if you’re shooting under bright lights of any kind, a Vello Lens Hood will prevent unwanted lens flare while also protecting your glass from accidental impact.

Shooting all day without running out of juice

Events can last from early morning to late night, so it’s no surprise that one of an event photographer’s biggest fears is running out of power. With the Vello BG-C-series Battery Grips, you won’t have to worry. Its vertical shutter button also allows you to shoot more comfortably in portrait orientation. And don’t forget your strobes: Bolt’s PP-400BP Cyclone DR Lithium-Ion Battery Pack speeds up your flash’s recycling time for rapid shooting while also making sure that your flash will keep firing until the last guest is too pooped to dance.


  • EW-88 Dedicated Lens Hood
  • ET-73 Dedicated Lens Hood
  • ES-71II Dedicated Lens Hood
  • BG-C4 Battery Grip for Canon EOS 7D
  • BG-C9 Battery Grip for Canon 5D Mark III, 5DS & 5DS
  • Speedy Camera Rotating Flash Bracket with TTL Off-Camera Flash Cord for Canon EOS Cameras (1.5') Kit
  • Off-Camera TTL Flash Cord for Canon Cameras (3') Off-Camera TTL Flash Cord for Canon Cameras (1.5')
  • FreeWave Wireless Remote Shutter Release for Canon
  • Bounce Dome Diffuser


  • Bolt VX-760C Wireless TTL Flash for Canon Cameras
  • Bolt CZ2 HV Locking Flash Power Cable for Select Canon Flash Units
  • Bolt PP-400BP Cyclone DR Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Bolt VB-22 Bare-Bulb Flash Kit with Cyclone PP-400DR Power Pack Bolt Flashtube for VB-22
  • Bare-Bulb Flash
  • Bolt Grid and Filter Kit for VB-Series Bare-Bulb Flashes
  • Arco Video Dr. Bag 40
  • Watson LP-E6 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Impact Convertible Umbrella
  • Impact Air-Cushioned Light Stand
  • Oben CT-2361 Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Ruggard Memory Card Case
  • Canon 7D Mk2
  • Canon 100mm lens
  • Canon 50mm lens
  • Canon 16-35mm lens
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