Universal Softbox with Colored Gels Kit for Portable Flash (Small)

Catalog Number: FD-300

MSRP: $26.95

The Vello Universal Softbox with Colored Gels Kit for Portable Flash (Small) spreads and diffuses the light from an on-camera flash in the direct flash position. It's lightweight, unobtrusive and easy to attach--ideal for any fast-moving shooting situations. It attaches to most on-camera shoe-mount flashes using the included touch-tab fasteners.

In addition, the FD-300 will also accept gel filters, and includes an assortment of six colored gels: blue, green, yellow, red, orange and purple. This allows the photographer to quickly and conveniently colorize the light output for a variety of special effect applications.

Universal - fits most portable flash units
Softens and diffuses flash light, producing soft, even illumination
Accepts colored gels which allows you to color the light output of the flash unit
Reduces harsh shadows and hot spots
Folds flat for easy storage

Approx. Light Loss 1 stop
Dimensions Front diffusion area: 4.4 x 3.2" (11.17 x 8.12 cm)
  • Colored Gel Kit: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red & Purple
  • Touch-Tab Fasteners
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


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